22 March 2012

Cleaning Stainless Steel

I "discovered" an effective way of cleaning my stainless steel appliances (who in their right mind decided SS ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers look good in a kitchen).   I used vinegar with warm water and used a cloth over the appliances.   Vinegar isn't a new regime in my homemade cleaning supplies, but I wasn't sure how it would react with stainless steel, but I am pleased to report my appliances sparkle (until grubby fingers get all over them again).  For the stubborn stains I used a mixture of biacarb of soda and warm water, and with a soft cloth I rubbed in a circular motion and then cleaned off with the vinegar and water spray.


Suzanne Warren said...

I might have to try that on our rangehood and stove too. How much vinegar to water ratio did you use?

BSOTF said...

Arty Lady,
I'm glad to know that I'm not alone with using such remedies. Yes, I too use it for cleaning. I use it in laundry for a softener too. Thanks for sharing this wonderful hint with others.

knittingdragonflies said...

I know, it is good for all kinds of things! Grandma was right! I'm loving my back to basics cleaning!
Good for you!