18 March 2012

Handspun - Merino Wrapped with Angora and Thread

Here is the third month of working through Jacey's "Spin Art" book here and and this month's fibre is TORNADO.  I used Ocean Blue Merino from Kathy's fibres  here (I find her dyed merino is the most competitively priced fibre around).  I wrapped the fibre with commercial angora/boucle and two other commercial threads (one glittery).  I quite like the end result and because I have spun 100gm, there will be enough to make either a hat or put it towards my handspun circle vest I am currently making.


colleen said...

Very nice. Must find time to go through the book.

Stichelbiene said...

Great colour.


knittingdragonflies said...

I'm loving this fiber! All of it!