08 February 2007

Getting to Know You: Snap Decision Making

This meme is a chance to practice snap decision making.

1. You run into a friend who has just chopped off all her long hair (or suddenly has an Afro). What do you say?
OMG, it looks totally different but suits you.

2. You walk by a well dressed man with manicured hands who smells like a gin martini. He asks you for money. What do you do?
Ignore him.

3. Your brother or sister or best friend falls madly in love with someone you think is a jerk. What do you do?
Tell them so, but hey it’s only my opinion.

4. You get a terrible present from your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. Do you let it show?
No way, I appreciate any gift. I would never intentionally say or hurt anyone.

5. Who's your favorite Beatle?
Peace loving, John Lennon.

6. You walk by a disheveled man wearing soiled & tattered clothes. He politely asks you for money. What do you do?
If I don’t ignore him (through fright) and, if I could afford it, I would probably buy him something to eat, to ensure he does and not spend the money on “incidentals”.

7. Skinny Elvis or Fat Elvis?
Neither, not a real Elvis fan, before my time so to speak.
Next, go find an outrageous picture of your Elvis on the net
(Sorry, no velvet)


angela said...

this was great fun to read!
i like Elvis with his guitar cake :)

swampgrrl said...

great answers. my intuition tells me that are "good people."

and i love that elvis picture. i want to find one with him eating chili fries.

Kim said...

Great answers! :)

That's a great Elvis picture too! :)

miss*R said...

I saw this meme and did it in my head :) your answers are very similar to what I thought. hope you are ok xoox
ps - did you get the email about an autumn fling for us aussie gals?

Catherine said...

I was lookinf for your e-mail so I could contact you about the book swap, but can't find it
Can you e-mail me at cfitchett at netaccess dot co dot nz
(replace the at and the dot with the appropriate symbol of course)
with your snail mail address etc?

Cynthia said...

We could really use some peace loving music from John right now, couldn't we?

LisaOceandreamer said...

It's really very interesting to think about each answer. while reading yours I thought about what I'd say in each case.
I use to favor Paul M. but in reality the one with the most to offer our world with his music and his presence was John. I often think if he was still alive he'd have been nominated for a peace prize.

lizzzzzzzy said...

Loved the anwers, I liked the cute one when I was young. But now it would be John hands down...what can I say I was on a superficial level when I was young. I know several people that knew or met Elvis while he was around. Nice photo of him. enjoy reading your blog. lizzzzzzzzzzzzzzy from the doll swap