08 January 2010

Bib Necklace

After seeing Violette's amazing bib necklace, she inspired me to make one for myself. I made fabric "roses" for the necklace and added some other sparkly embellishments. All in all, it is a quick project whereby anything goes.

To have a look at Violette's blog please visit http://www.violettesfolkart.com/blog.html


violette said...

oh my gosh Liz....it's beautiful....what a lovely interpretation! I put wetwipes and some toilet paper on mine to make flowers......yours look like the real deal......beauuuuuu ti ful!
Thanks for the congrats! I love being a meme!

Love violette xo

violette said...

P.S.......i went for the deep cleavage since i was having a "fat" day....of course cleavage is not necessary....but hey with those pushup bras we can all have cleavage!

Love, violette