12 January 2010

Chicory Kiln

The Chicory Kiln in Bacchus Marsh (Taverner Street) Victoria has been there since its construction in 1885 and is a well known landmark for local artists. In its heyday the chicory roots were roasted before being ground and added to coffee.
Here are two samples of the same photograph I took. The first is a standard DSLR

and here it is as a polaroid using the FANTASTIC polaroid software at
http://www.poladroid.net/. Note the vivid, vintage colours.


sewmuchfun4 said...

That's GREAT - I love the out-of-this-world effect and how the writing on the side of the building pops out in the polaroid!
:) Ann

Elecat said...

Love this pic & I'll be visiting that site after I write this comment. :) I drive down this street almost every day & I've taken sooooo many photos. I love it here.... there's a magic that I just can't capture in still pictures. Maybe the poladroid site may help... :) Thanks. :)