10 January 2010


Our eldest celebrated his 17th birthday a week ago, and we had our first teenage party at home. We told him he could invite around 8 friends but, Nathan's math isn't that good at the best of times, and we had around 20 at the party. It was a wonderful night, and the kids were a lot of fun. Yep, they did drink alcohol and there were two who drove their cars to our house for the party (aged 18 and 19yo) but were mature enough to leave their cars overnight and come back the next day to pick them up. Obviously we live in a very safe area, when one of the boys returned the next day he discovered his car keys in the ignition with the car doors unlocked!

I don't have any photos of the night to share due to privacy reasons, however today I got a new photography software program which transfers today's photographs to the vintage polaroid instamatic type. Here is a photo of car keys in the ignition (my linking connection with the party story and new software).
Whilst I love my DSLR, I just love this new program which makes the photos vintage.

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wickedtats said...

Glad that the party was a success and it's awesome that your son hangs out with people who are mature enough to come back for their cars the next day.

Lovely software too. What is it?